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Where it all began

Born in Washington Heights, New York, Christopher Herrera developed a keen sense of taste and love for cooking from his mother and grandmother. Back in the 1970's, Christopher's grandmother, Raquel Castro, owned a Peruvian restaurant named "El Tondero" on w. 47th St and Broadway in New York City. There, she served all types of traditional Peruvian dishes year-round. Living up to its name, the restaurant was also filled with live music from various Peruvian musicians on the weekends. After closing "El Tondero", Raquel went on to open up another Latin American restaurant with her name that was open for years, before ultimately deciding to take a step back to focus on her family's success. Unfortunately, we lost Raquel to cancer in early 2010, but her legacy lives on through Perú Perú.

The making of perú perú

With the knowledge and passion from his ancestors, Christopher began his culinary career working in the kitchens of various Italian, Asian, and American restaurants to hone his skills and gain as much experience as he could. Having cooked a variety of cuisines, nothing compared to his love of traditional Peruvian food. When Christopher and his wife started dating, she encouraged him to follow his dreams of opening up his own Peruvian restaurant. Together, they moved out to Los Angeles where Christopher worked at several Peruvian restaurants to obtain as much knowledge as he could. When he was ready, and with the support of his friends and family, Perú Perú was born. Christopher loves to cook, and for him, it is all about the experience. He only hopes to bring a sliver of Perú to the people of Los Angeles.

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